Our Vision

Our Vision is PARTNERSHIP. We understand that community groups and nonprofit organizations bridge the gap between the community and the government. We want to partner with other community organizations and nonprofit organizations to create stronger communities, have a larger impact, and pull together each others’ time, talent, and treasures to do even more good. Doing good has no age, gender, faith, or sex. Doing good is for everybody.  Everybody has something to offer.

Our Mission

Supporting Our Community: Giving and Serving Where We Work, Live, Worship, and Play.


We collected over 200 cases of water for the youth at the Boys & Girls Club. "Water Challenge" was supported by various alumni of Hampton Schools.

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"We are people who want to do good, speak good and show acts of community kindness,".

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Over 1,500 Volunteer Hours for Community Clean Up in Partnership with the Friends of the Barrett- Peake Heritage Foundation and First & 210th Aviation Regiment.

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What We Do

Our desired result is to foster the spirit of giving time, talent, and treasure to help others and demonstrate servant leadership through community projects and collaboration.

Our Impact

The Do Gooders of Hampton Roads is open to anyone. We are a Neighborhood Serving Organization in Hampton, focusing on mentoring teens to do good, speak well, and let good shine through acts of community kindness.

We are a membership-based organization with the support of volunteers from the community. We have over 1.5 K members on our Do Gooders of Hampton Roads Facebook page.

What People Say About Us

"As a single parent, I was struggling to make ends meet and provide for my family. This nonprofit organization stepped in and provided me with food assistance and financial counseling. They also offered after-school programs for my children, which gave me peace of mind knowing they were in a safe and nurturing environment. This organization truly cares about the community and I am so thankful for their help."


Elanor Thompson
A mom of 6yo boy

"As a senior citizen, I was struggling to keep up with my daily tasks and household chores. But then this nonprofit organization stepped in and provided me with volunteers who helped me with grocery shopping, cleaning, and yard work. They also offered transportation services to doctor appointments and social events. This organization has made a huge impact on my quality of life and I am so grateful for their assistance."


George Ozmando
Retired teacher

Media Coverage

Soldiers unite to clean historic African-American cemeteries in Hampton

Soldiers volunteered their time Saturday afternoon at historic cemeteries in an effort to keep them clean.

The soldiers met at the historical African-American museums in Hampton. They say they want to take Army values and share them with the community.

Cemeteries included the Bassette Cemetery and Elmerton Cemetery located at Downtown Hampton on North King Street.

Groups that joined the event included the Barrett-Peake Foundations and Do-Gooders of Hampton Roads.

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If you’re interested in volunteering please contact us

1 Timothy 6:18 "Let them do Good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share."